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The future of cellular therapy in the making

Using the body’s natural ability to repair and regenerate. Welcome to the era of cellular medicine.

Treatment gap solutions through innovation

Thanks to doctors, scientists, technologists, researchers, and practitioners who helped pioneer the field of cellular therapy our team and research partner sites are developing cellular implant technology to treat degenerative diseases of the musculoskeletal, dermal, and organ systems.

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Let us do the research, so you can focus on what matters, your patients.

With cellular therapy, a patient’s own cells can be used  to repair and regenerate tissues or control pain and inflammation. Cells are harvested from either fat (adipose) or bone marrow and separated and concentrated to create a therapeutic cellular implant, delivered using a needle injection.

Our tissue processing platform enables point-of-care therapy in a single disposable device. Physicians can use the SVF-2 to extract and process adipose tissue in real time using proven scientific methods, controls and reagents. The SVF-2 provides scalable cell processing for hospitals, medical practices and other surgical or clinical settings.

Aspiring to

Personalized cell-based therapy .


Investigations of degenerative musculoskeletal diseases


Pilot investigations of non-healing wounds of the dermal layers


Pilot investigations of fibrotic conditions of the lung and liver

Building the future through research and technology

Through intensive research and development we are moving rapidly towards our goal of simple, reproducible, predictable, cost-effective solution to the treatment gap between drug and invasive surgical treatments.

Our Goals

Adipose tissue holds the critical cells necessary for cellular medicine, but, in the past, tissue processing has been inaccessible to most health care providers due to the high costs and expertise required.

Now, GID BIO technology allows physicians to extract cells from adipose tissue at point of care with a single-use, disposable device. 

We want to improve patient outcomes and their healing processes through advancements in cellular treatments and technologies


We aim to bring access to cellular therapy to everyone who needs it. Using the SVF-2 is a simple procedure for physicians and support staff.


The aim of the GID BIO SVF-2 device is to provide patients and providers with consistent, reproducible, high quality results with every single use.

Cost Effective

Using the GID BIO solution, providers can offer patients a walk-in and walk-out procedure for tissue harvest and cellular implant.

Clinical Pipeline

Where technology meets healing.

Our clinical pipeline features targeted therapeutic applications and clinical development in three primary therapeutic domains.

Osteoarthritis (OA) of the knee
Wound care
OA Extremities
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