GID BIO welcomes director of clinical operations

Sandeep Samudre (Director of Clinical Affairs) Photo

We tapped Sandeep Samudre, PhD, MPH, to lead our trial operations including the pivotal trial for knee osteoarthritis and other efforts in our pipeline across all sites such as New Jersey Institute of Regenerative Medicine, Tulane University and Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine led by Dr. Jay Bowen, DO, Dr. Jaime Garza, MD, DDS, FACS, and Dr. Neil Sparks, DO, MS, respectively. 

Sandeep has over 20 years of expertise in clinical trials furthering research for pharmaceuticals, devices, regenerative medicine, pain management and ocular medicine.

“My goal at GID is to establish a solid clinical affairs department as an operational center where we can help clinicians and study coordinators in all aspects of studies. I am looking forward to visiting all of the sites and engaging with primary investigators. I am looking forward to streamlining processes and optimizing trial operations,” said Samudre.

Sandeep’s prior industry experience in both start-ups and corporate environments lends itself well to our culture. Additionally, his PhD and MPH degrees focused on biostatistics, integrative physiology, drug and medical device development and clinical affairs, both from Eastern Virginia Medical School in Norfolk, Virginia.

We are elated to welcome Sandeep to our team.

For more information about our pivotal phase III  trial, visit Our cell therapy is not approved by the FDA for sale or use in the US.

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