GID BIO CEO William Cimino moderates panel at recent IFATS conference


Bill Cimino, Ph.D.

GID BIO CEO William Cimino, Ph.D., moderated the Industry Showcase panel at the recent 18th annual International Federation for Adipose Therapeutics and Science (IFATS) conference. IFATS’ Industry Showcase allows companies to present innovative products while providing valuable insights on recent scientific developments in adipose tissue research and regenerative medicine.

IFATS gathers cell biologists, research scientists, and physicians to exchange the most current knowledge and research on adipose-derived products since its beginning in 2002 following the discovery of mesenchymal stem cells in human subcutaneous adipose tissue.

As the CEO of a company engaged in the FDA approval process, William is a knowledgeable moderator. He last presented at IFATS in 2019, where he spoke about different processing methods for adipose tissue. Since then, GID BIO has begun pivotal Phase III Trials evaluating cellular therapy for the treatment of pain and function as a result of knee osteoarthritis. GID BIO’s earlier Phase IIb Trial showed statistically significant results in relief of pain and function (American Journal of Sports Medicine).