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Cell therapy

FDA-approved trial for cellular implant therapy could mean a major development in the treatment of pain associated with knee osteoarthritis

A randomized controlled Phase IIb clinical trial approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) measuring safety and efficacy of our single-use SVF-2 device and point-of-care (POC) therapy intended to improve function and reduce pain associated with knee osteoarthritis (OA) met all endpoints at one year. Eighty-eight percent of subjects responded greater than placebo

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GID BIO’s results in randomized controlled Phase IIb clinical study support an evidence-based, data-driven approach to treat pain-management caused by osteoarthritis of the knee

While minimally invasive treatments transformed cardiology decades ago, advancements in orthopedic medicine are introducing potential alternatives to traditional surgery by applying cellular medicine therapies. GID BIO is focused on using a data-driven approach when introducing cellular medicine therapies. Our team has worked with the FDA to approve the design and development of controlled

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