Cellular Therapy

Personalized cell-based therapy is the next era of medicine.

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Cellular Therapy

A gateway to modern, therapeutic medicine

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Innovative technology harnesses the power of your cells to pioneer treatment beyond surgical intervention and drug therapy. With cellular medicine, a patient’s own cells are used to create a cellular implant that can be used to repair and regenerate tissues or control pain and inflammation.

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Cell function

Technology addresses reduced stromal cell function or activity by supplementing the endogenous stromal cell population with exogenous stromal cells, i.e., transplanting healthy viable stromal cells isolated from a small adipose tissue sample from another part of your body.

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Clinical Trials

Weʼve applied our findings to create devices and protocols that actually harness the power of cellular therapy; not in theory, but in practice. Experts are conducting closely watched FDA compliant studies to generate cellular implants from rigorously applied science and controlled clinical trials

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The GID BIO difference

In order to obtain a therapeutic dose of SVF cells, adipose tissue is harvested using a minor procedure. After the tissue is harvested the stromal vascular fraction cells are separated from the adipose tissue matrix using a tissue dissociation process. The cells are then concentrated to form the therapeutic dose.

Where the cells come from

Adipose tissue is the richest source of stromal vascular fraction cells per gram of tissue in the body. However, adipose tissue is more than 95% adipocyte and extra-cellular matrix (ECM) by volume, so the concentration of the stromal vascular fraction cells in adipose is very low (by volume). This is where tissue processing comes in.

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Cell Therapy

Many people believe that cellular therapy relies entirely on stem cells. In fact, stem cells are just one of several types of cells and a myriad of growth factors required to create an environment in the body that's conducive to healing.

Flow chart of the different fractions obtained from an adipose tissue sample. These include blood (Leukocytes, Hematopoietic Stem Cells, Erythrocytes and platelets) and adipose tissue (mature adipocytes and stromal and vascular cells)

Processing with the GID BIO SVF-2 device

The attention paid to processing the adipose tissue is what makes GID BIO different.

We believe that the processing step is critical for producing a safe, simple, reproducible and timely therapy for patients.

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We aim to bring access to cellular therapy to everyone who needs it. Using the SVF-2 is a simple procedure for physicians and support staff.

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The aim of the GID BIO SVF-2 device is to provide patients and providers with consistent, reproducible, high quality results with every single use.

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Cost Effective

Using the GID BIO solution, providers can offer patients a walk-in and walk-out procedure for tissue harvest and cellular implant.

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